The Wall 1.10


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    Feb 21, 2019
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-Moved the timer into a central part of the hub so that the wiring was not in the playable area wherever possible, and so that You could see what you selecting as you selected it.

-Added the ability to stop the timer, in case you accidentally pressed start or just want to change the remaining time mid game.

-Changed the way the timer selection process works slightly in order for the timer to update your selection in real time.

-Got rid of the unnatural sand on the left side of the map (sorry about that last update, Fuck Antlions, was part of the reason I moved the timer up to space instead of still on the hill.


Known Bugs this update:


If you max out all of the digits then add 1 to any of the digits, the displayed time will think two different numbers are on for that timer at once making it look unreadable. Didn't fix it this update because A.) I just realized this would be an issue as I'm writing this. B.) It's unlikely to ever happen to a player unless they intentionally attempt to do this. C.) The wiring would get even more messy than it currently is, so I wouldn't be able to guarantee I could fix it at the moment without Revamping a significant potion of the timer, which might take a week or more. D.) I'll Fix it next update, which I'm planing to be the last update


Still the problem with the right side having a bunch of graphical issue and recently realized they don't have access to many other things like alters and procedural house loot like bookshelves or pianos. Might even include heart crystals, I hope not because that is a severe disadvantage and the map has been out for awhile


What to expect Next Update:


1.) Any problems with the current timer will be fixed

2.) The map will be Handmade, but probably smaller/ Might make it 4 team battle like the original

3.) Chests! Alters! No Graphical Bugs!


What I will do after the Next and Final Update:


1.) Trailer

2.) Small Play through to show it off

3.) Formatting the Map Page to look Professional like other map pages

4.) Other Stuff to make it look Professional, and just in general get more people to play