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This is a Parkour oriented puzzle map, designed for hardcore characters. (normal characters are playable too.) There is a total of 5 lives to complete/solve the puzzles and navigate the hazards before losing the map. (eg requiring a reinstall)

Up to 5 people can play at once each with 1 life each. The less people you have the more lives you are allowed. (may require rejoining the map if you die)

Made to explore some 1.0.6 lighting mechanics. (and some other stuff)

Overview of map


  1. Play as a Hardcore characters
  2. You have 5 lives between all the people playing.
  3. Dying may mean a complete restart of map depending on where you got up to.
  1. Play as Normal characters
  2. Unlimited lives.
  3. Dying does not mean a full restart of the map.

Lenght of map:

- Short -10-30mins+ (Guestimate of the times taken)

Rules and Scoring

  • Start a new character.
  • Place all starting gear in the first chest provided. (you can keep the copper shortsword if you must)
  • No breaking blocks.
  • No breaking cobwebs with swords.
  • No using any torches you may obtain.
  • Read the signs for suggested loadout for each section.
  • The chests are designed for 5 lives/people so only take 1 persons share per life.
  • Try not to cheat.
Scoring system:
  • Hardcore characters: Fastest time to complete the map. (start the time when you hit the first lava)
  • Normal Characters: Largest stack of coins at the end (make sure to only take 1/5 of the coins at each chest)


A great Installation guide for terraria maps can be found here: However if you already have 5 worlds you will need to back one of them up and then replace with this one. You do not have to rename the file for it to work.

Map discussion here:


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