Memories v0.2.5


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    Jul 28, 2016
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v0.2 Content ends at on the 3rd quest from the Nurse. The map now has rpg elements in it. Gear up to survive the dungeon, you now have a fighting chance.

v0.2.5 Added the muramasa to first house. you might want to keep it around even after replacing it. made the pressure plate hint at the first explosives switch puzzle less subtle. Made explosive chests easier to activate safely, you still need to be cautious added more treasure added a secret room made a some fixes for previous problems a bit more glowsticks in starter chest.

the pressure plate for texts in the mushroom Forrest is faulty still can't figure out why, jump on it a few times times if it doesn't activate after a few seconds.

for some reason the dungeon's spawn rate is insanely high even with peace candles was getting 3 or 4 casters spawning every 30-60 seconds