The Cursed Return


NOTE: This was made before Terraria 1.2. I don't believe it makes any area unreachable, but I've seen it make some areas open earlier than they're supposed to be.

Version 2.0

I wanted to see what it would be like if I took an already generated map, and placed obsticals and barriers inside it, (the enviroments and locations have been shifted around too). After it was created I played through it again to fix any bugs and make any improvements, but if you have any suggestions feel free to post it.

1: Use a new character for this map, and don't use it for any other map. Set it to Softcore (explaination for this is in the notes).
2: r/p on signs means "remove or place".
3: No r/p or editing signs. When you see a sign that you haven't read or don't remember, you must read it as soon as you can and follow its rules (even if it overrides the games rules).
4: Areas surrounded in Adamantite (ore) are called "special areas", the rules on any signs inside are for that area.
5: When standing near a crafting station, you can only craft what's listed on the sign in the same room. No r/p crafting stations.
6: You can't r/p objects on or next to Adamantite or Mythril ore, inside special areas, or while in special areas.
7: Don't r/p chest (IT MAY CRASH THE GAME), to make up for this, there are several barrels found in chest early on (you probably wont need more than 1 anyway).

Long ago, an evil monster that threatened Terraria was defeated, but its defeat released dark spirits. The spirits were defeated too, and then the monster was sealed in the center of the planet. Now the leader of the spirits has found the monster and is giving it the power to break the seal. The spirit has cursed the land which caused barriers and obsticals to appear and protect the monster. The monster must be summoned out of its seal and defeated again, but doing so will release the spirit leader, which must also be defeated afterwards.

Defeat Wall of Flesh and Skeletron Prime.

- You don't have to worry so much about containers, I beat the game and only used 1 extra container twoards the end of the game.
- You don't have to worry so much about money either, the only item I ever bought was cheap ammunition.
- Playing on Medium core is like playing on Hardcore, this is because there are important items that will only appear once, losing it will make you unable to continue.
- HANG ON to items that help you get further in the game. Only remove it if you know for sure that you don't need it (for example: if you have Cloud in a Bottle and Shiny Red Balloon, you will want to hang on to it until you get the item that combines them both: Cloud in a Balloon).
- Terraria Custom Content Loader (TCCL) is very helpful for this game, because Skeletron must be fought at night.

Version 2.0 fixes
-Fixed the underworld error in Version 1.0.
Version 1.0 errors:
- A special area in the underworld has an opening that isn't crossable because it's only 1 block wide. If you're using Version 1.0, it can be fixed with TEdit: The location of the error in TEdit is 2292, 1035. Just erase the opening so that it's 2 blocks wide. (To anyone who downloaded this version, I'm sorry for this error).


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