Welcome to the New Terraria CurseForge!

Hey everyone!

It's that time again here at CurseForge! Today we launched the new and improved Terraria CurseForge! This brings it up-to-date with the latest layout, features, and navigation. We hope that this provides a much better overall experience for you guys and gals.

Aside from the visual upgrades, and an easier to manage Project page (in my opinion anyways!), everything should still work pretty much as it always has.

As with any migration/upgrade, there may be kinks or wrinkles, but we want you to know we're working pretty hard over here to make sure we iron out as many as possible. That being said, if you find anything out of place, feel free to reach out to myself @MrFlamegoat or @CurseForge on Twitter - you can also drop us a line at cfmoderation[at]curse.com and we will be happy to help!

Your Friendly Community Helper,




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