Want to create mods for TSW? Read this!

The Curse Team is excited to announce that we will be supporting The Secret World in our Curse Client shortly! Using the Curse Client, players will be able to automatically install or uninstall mods with just a single click.

We also plan to offer tools to mod authors to customize how your mod is installed. If you want to give users the option to only install parts of your mod, or if you only need to modify a portion of an XML file, you'll have the freedom to do what you need! Due to the nature of the files, we also know that files can overwrite one another easily -- but we've got you covered! The Curse Client will automatically backup and manage different versions of files to keep everything running smoothly.

Hosting with us will also make you eligible for our Author Rewards Program, granting you free Premium and the ability to generate points for our CurseForge store!

If you want to start uploading, you may do so by visiting our Curseforge site for the game.

If all of this sounds amazing but you have no idea where to start, Acenth has written a handy guide on how to begin making your own creations, which can be found here: Getting Started with The Secret World Mods. The guide should answer any questions you have on how to begin!



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