Site Enhancements

Over the past month, there have been many enhancements to the site. Here's a quick list summarizing the major changes:

  • Search enhancements. Yes searching will no longer suck, there have been substantial enhancements in the searching algorithms to make search results more accurate.
  • Private messaging system. Some of you may have noticed the private messaging system on up the top right. You can now message other users on the site.
  • Rendering optimizations. There has been a lot of changes to the back end to allow for faster rendering of the site, themes and whatnot.
  • Addition of experimental projects. If you want to try something out, you can now request experimental status. Projects won't syndicate, but it allows you to try out new ideas.
  • Addition of themes to the site. You can now customize how the site looks and feels.

There's a few new changes coming down the pipe. There was a [[announcements:curse-client-4-0-sneak-peak|preview]] of the new Curse Client released a little while ago, plus there are a few other nifty features which I can't talk about now.



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