CurseForge Support for Firefall Is Now Live!
Curse is excited to announce that we’ve added Firefall addon support to and the Curse Client, starting today!

For addon authors, you can start uploading your addons now by going to

If you upload to Curse, you'll not only receive a free Premium subscription when you reach 1,000 total downloads, but you'll also be able to enroll in the full rewards program. Curse has given out over $750,000 to addon authors since the rewards program was created.

We’re bringing all the features you love about the Curse Client to Firefall:
• Download, install or update your Firefall addons with one click.
• Easily track when your addons need to be updated
• Keep your Addons in sync across multiple computers
• Free to use!

If you don’t have the Curse Client installed, you can grab it from here:

Thanks folks! If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below! We’re huge fans of Firefall here at Curse and want to provide the best addon management experience possible.



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