Adventure! - An Adventure Map Inspired by Zelda

Adventure! - An Adventure Map Inspired by Zelda v1.3.4 Multiplayer!

Change log

v1.3.4 - Fixed Glass Maze Chest bugs.

v1.3.3 - Fixed empty chests in multiplayer map. Now all 4 can make it through just fine.

v1.3.2 - Fixed spawn location for starting out.

v1.3.1 - Water Temple isn't impossible now. That was a big whoops, my bad.

v1.3 - There is now a bed before Skeletron, after the exit of the Fire Temple. Water Temple is twice as hard, it seemed way to easy for being late in the adventure. Town Well is a smidge easier. There are now 3 secrets to find. If you finish the map and are 3 hearts short of max health you missed all 3 secrets!

v1.2 - Earth Temple now easier! Town Well just a smidge easier. Antilions should not be able to shoot sand and lock you into the exit of the first temple. It's not possible to grapple/rocket boot your way around the Fire Temple now.

v1.1.1 Fixes misc. tiles and adds a Cobalt Shield....

v1.1 Beds before the Sky Temple, Earth Temple, Glass Maze, Water Temple, and Fire Temple.

v1.03 Sky & Fire Temple a little easier.

v1.02 Spawn point fixed, Fire Temple like 10% easier.

v1.01 Water Temple sign fixed.

v1.0 - Fire Temple and final boss implemented. It's all done except for bugs or maybe some balancing issues. The Fire Temple needs more testing as only I have done it as of this writing. It's hard but not impossible. Enjoy!

v.9.75 - fixed to start at's still beta...

Updates Earth Temple...again. Updates most dungeons with new art!
Added the next two dungeons, Glass Maze and Water Temple.
2nd boss implemented.
More story!
Fire Temple is there with nothing in it.

Updates Earth Temple, now more do-able.

v .5
5 Dungeons, 1 Boss.


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