Adventure! - An Adventure Map Inspired by Zelda

Starting Area / Abandoned Temple


Added a multiplayer version. Up to 4 players can co-op their way through this map! Enjoy!

v 1.3 is the definitive version. There will not be any more updates to this map as of now. Unless there is some glaring bug I missed. There are now 3 secret golden chest rooms to find.(It's a secret to everybody.) If you finish this version and have 3 hearts short of max health then you missed all 3 secrets! The Water Temple is also about twice as difficult, it was way to easy for being late in the adventure. Town Well is also a smidge easier.

If you've beaten it already, you can download the newest version and try and find the 3 secret rooms!

Beds before some of the harder temples make running back less stressful. Enjoy!

Here is my Adventure! map. It's very much inspired by Zelda. It's one player and there are 8 dungeons including the really easy first one and all 3 bosses.

I'd say it's a hard to medium difficulty but I give you some good weapons and armor as you progress.

These are the obligatory rules:

Start with a new character and dump the starting items in the first chest. Read all of the signs. There are no picks, axes, or hammers allowed. And you don't need any for progression. No making anything, not even torches cause you shouldn't be able to cut down any trees.

Preview video by Diggaroo from

Let's play video from PedguinGames:

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