Noburr 2.0!

Noburr - a map with dozens of homes, including both crimson and corruption! Also, a couple added terrain features!

Jul 22, 2015 Release
BEFORE YOU READ THIS: IN ONE OF THE CHESTS IS A PORTAL GUN. THIS IS BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE THE GAME GIVES IT TO YOU TOO LATE TO ENJOY. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THIS AND WANT TO RECEIVE IT AFTER MOON LORD, DELETE THE ITEM AFTER YOU LOOT IT. Carry on. :D This map is made for people who may not want to, or do not like building. Whatever your reason is, laziness, lack of motivation, or just wanting to plow into progression with some friends, sometimes we don't feel like building in terraria. And that's...

Night Is Bad

Feb 26, 2012 Release
You have awoken from what you think was a meteor attack, you must now thrive and survive, with the help of your fathers notes. Rules are on the signs in the beginning of the map. This map is new, i will make more like skeletron wof, etc etc, im just thinking on how to do that. Cthulu IS THERE THOUGH! Live virus scan on archive.
Wizards castle

Nicolas's Worlds

Dec 10, 2011 Release
First upload : Has very well built homes and all the NPC's. It was built with no mods and the blue bricks were from my old world. You are welcom to use my building technics and i encourage it. :D thanks for downloading, i am in the progress of making a massive castle with all NPC's and rly cool stuf. Here is the Terraria Online Thread Link for screen shots - Second Upload: My Castle that took me a while to make and it comes...
Starting area

Novate's jump concepts

Nov 04, 2011 Release
Novates jump concepts v1.0.6d (updated 14/09/2011 This is essentially a Jump Challenge map made to explore some of the concepts of platforming mechanics in this game. Started wip release on 11/06/2011 finished full release on 28/07/2011 Had to fix map due to 1.0.6 patch, finished fixing 11/09/2011 Grievances or bug reports will be considered and feedback is appreciated =) Overview of map Difficulty range of map medium and onwards (consider this a warning ;p) Made to support 1-4 players 30+...

Newbie starter map

Sep 26, 2011 Planning
a stocked map for those who arent into building a house but want to enjoy killing everything in the game!

NES Super Mario Bros.

Sep 20, 2011 Release
Finally a Mario world that feels like a Mario world! play through all the worlds/levels of the original NES mario bros. Thanks everyone for over 1,500 downloads! :D VERSION 3.0 Multiplayer Worlds: 3 (entrance of world 3, no world 3 stages yet) Stages: 8 Warp pipes functional: 2 (to worlds 2 and 3) New in this version: This world is now playable by up to 4 players at a time! placed items in chests for 4 players added transition to world 3 warp pipe to world 3 now functional! added signs for...