OP characters

Sep 26, 2016 Release
This is my second map. So as the title says, in this map we have four OP-ed characters: a warrior, a sorcerer, a ranger and a summoner. Also the world is beated, all bosses, invasions have downed. It doesnt have any build yet except there are some secrets, but I will eventually add more like NPCs house and stuffs. I hope you enjoy playing my characters (and the world), if you have any ideas, suggestions just leave it in the comment section below. Oh and the map was inspired by Wasupmacuz's Op...

parkour training

Sep 25, 2016 Planning
this map will help with learning parkour it will keep getting harder as you get to a higher level
Spawn point

Late pre-HM Expert World

Sep 16, 2016 Release
This is my first map. So as the title says its a late pre-Harmode which is Eye of Cthulhu, Brain of Cthulhu and Skeletron have been defeated but the map is in Expert mode. i have left some items in the chests all around the world, you have to gear up and fight bosses like a normal survival playthrough. Now you have to kill Wall of Flesh, Queen bee (If you want to). I made the map because prepare for those three first bosses took alot of time and they are in my opinion is pretty hard. So...

Super Mario Bros 1

Sep 09, 2016 Release
1 or 2 players. You can select Mario or Luigi and try to jump through all of the levels to rescue the princess. Your character becomes more powerful after each castle. This map is skinned to be visually similar to All-Stars. If one should reach the top of all the flags, they will have access to all of the ending content.
tropical wood sreenshot 1


Sep 02, 2016 Release
tropical Wood is a village theme of the tree, full npcs, some pixel Arts and also some items and ores there, it through the boss moon Lord. tropical Wood has the building of interest

3 Faction CTG

Aug 23, 2016 Release
A CTG map I made with 3 different Factions each with their own starting gear to get straight into battle and fight eachother or build up their bases.

A Beggining House

Aug 22, 2016 Planning
== this stater house is for 1.3 - 13.2.1 it is a castle based house withe enough room for 10 npcs no bosses or events have been completed and the world is not in hardmode a perfect starter ==

Great Mini MoonLord farm

Aug 21, 2016 Release
This map is a simple grinder for moon lord. you even have some tips when you get to the grinder.

The Big Adventure

Aug 10, 2016 Release
You start in a little house with a roommate. You go and discover a little "cabin" in that cabin you see a stairway, you go down that stairway and you are in a cave... After that you discover the cave a little and then you see a doorway, you go through it and you end up in a dungeon way in the dungeon you meet Kevin, he tells you that he needs you to defeat Moon Lord, you get some usefull things from him and after that you defeat Lunar Cultists, the Pillars and Moon Lord... BTW if you only get...
Spawning Room 1.3

Bomberman - Terraria

Aug 09, 2016 Release
This is a one-person project by SchrobZen ( I love Bomberman and I love Terraria... so I had to create this :D It's a multyplayer-terraria-map for 2-48 players to have fun with (2-4 players in one match, but 12 matches simultaneously possible). You can download it, play it, share it. DON'T FORGET Allways have a backupfile so you can play the 12 Arenas again :D If you have any bugs, missfunktions, suggestions or any type of feedback...

Corvos Mansion Pre-Hardmode

Aug 09, 2016 Planning
This Is A base for players who haven't beat the wall of flesh but don't want to build a big house or you can just explore this map was created on a small curroption map version 1.0

The Inversion

Aug 04, 2016 Planning
The colors are flipped! Its like a normal survival, but the whole world is painted with Negative Paint!

EoC Sunken City Arena

Aug 03, 2016 Planning
Basically: an arena of the style of a sunken city in the ocean. There are 7 weapons available: Dark Lance, Thorn Chakram, Cascade (Yoyo), Diamond Staff, Blue Moon, Demon Bow + Jester's Arrows and Phoenix Blaster + Musket Balls. Sorry that it begins still at day, I forgot to wait when I finished. Technically, there is a way to cheat and get all the items, and that is by grabbing one, dying, grabbing the next one. I don't know how to fix that. Hope you enjoy anyway, NNNIKKI (P.S. If you're...

Death Star Starter map

Aug 02, 2016 Planning
The original spawn is located right beside the ladder to the house. I did it on survival, with a new character. I had to farm resources and finally, on the beginning of the 3rd day, I finished. I wanted to do it as quick as possible so I didn't have time to make a bed. This is my first Terraria map uploaded, so please don't expect too much. Hope you like it anyway! -NNNIKKI
SH2 Adv Map Banner

Silent Hill 2 Adventure Map

Jul 25, 2016 Release
PSA: Stay tuned to my Terraria Online profile feed for periodic updates on the shiny new remake. Play as James Sunderland in this custom Terraria map, who's on quest to find his wife in Silent Hill. Features - Single Player Adventure which mostly uses Guns as primary weapon. - Large, dark labyrinths and dungeons. - It's dark everywhere, only your torch to light you up - Adventure that's inspired on Silent Hill 2's story and setting. - 4 Difficulty Mode. - 4 Endings. - Adventure that last...
Image 1

Super Hard Challanger Map

Jul 24, 2016 Release
This is my first map and its very basic. All you need to do is create a new character and start playing. You keep your starting items and get some bonus ones as soon as you start. The map is expert mode as well as hardmode and you have beginner items so to make things fair I've added a clockwork assault rifle with ammo and a pwnhammer. Skeletron has also been defeated so you can go find the mechanic sooner and you can have access to defensive systems and statue farms. You might want a friends...

Starter Base

Jul 23, 2016 Inactive


Jul 23, 2016 Release
This map will teach players the fundamentals of wiring and how to get wire, map making inspirations/tips. It is very good for players who cant ask questions for themselves because they don't know how to or not interested, I recommend downloading and trying this map as it teaches you how to use wires and all that! Have fun Terrarians

HardMode Bunker

Jul 19, 2016 Inactive
A bunker for hardmode in already have the Merchant and the Guide,and a farm for looting zombies,slimes and corrupted ground enemies

Sausagepoos Journey

Jul 05, 2016 Inactive
Sausage poos Journey is a Parkour, Boss Battling, Puzzle and Adventure map where you battle three bosses, do lots of parkour and solve even more puzzles.