3 Faction CTG

Aug 23, 2016 Release
A CTG map I made with 3 different Factions each with their own starting gear to get straight into battle and fight eachother or build up their bases.

A Beggining House

Aug 22, 2016 Planning
== this stater house is for 1.3 - 13.2.1 it is a castle based house withe enough room for 10 npcs no bosses or events have been completed and the world is not in hardmode a perfect starter ==

custom biome box

Aug 22, 2016 Planning
a custom biome box do anything in it. WARNING no blocks or tools added in the map. A good block map is The Builders Workshop you can get anything there in 1.3 and below. Be creative build anything it doesn't actually have to be a biome box it could be storage,arenas,fishing and much more you choose!

Pixel Art World

Aug 22, 2016 Beta
Description. On the map there are some pixel arts. Over time, will be added to the new pixel arts. This card will help you to decorate your world or the server beautiful pixel arts. Attention! The use of this material for commercial purposes is prohibited! Image
The Wasteland - Offices

Fury's Wasteland

Aug 21, 2016 Beta
Hey guys! Here is version 1.0 of the post-apocalyptic wasteland environment and builds world. If you like this map and want to see where it came from, come check out the channel over at: This map contains several builds and "points of interest" scattered around as well as a few little secrets and easter eggs. It is highly inspired by the Fallout and Wasteland games as well as several other works such as Mad Max. There is ample room in the wasteland for you...

Great Mini MoonLord farm

Aug 21, 2016 Planning
This map is a simple grinder for moon lord. you even have some tips when you get to the grinder.

Late pre-HM Expert World

Aug 18, 2016 Release
This is my first map. So as the title says its a late pre-Harmode but in Expert mode map. i have left some items in the chests all around the world, you have to gear up and fight bosses like a normal survival playthrough. Also this map was made poorly by my crappy computer but anyway I hope you guys enjoy your playthrough. If you have any ideas or sugestion, just leave it in the comment then i'll update my map.

The Big Adventure

Aug 10, 2016 Release
You start in a little house with a roommate. You go and discover a little "cabin" in that cabin you see a stairway, you go down that stairway and you are in a cave... After that you discover the cave a little and then you see a doorway, you go through it and you end up in a dungeon way in the dungeon you meet Kevin, he tells you that he needs you to defeat Moon Lord, you get some usefull things from him and after that you defeat Lunar Cultists, the Pillars and Moon Lord... BTW if you only get...

Crimson Invasion

Aug 09, 2016 Planning
You want to become the next Hallowed Knight. Grab your gear and venture into what used to be a normal cave... This map was made to test the map creating tool Tedit, it's quite small and hasn't got that much depth. Hopefully you will still get some enjoyment out of it, and if not, I'm working to make bigger and better maps from the techniques I've learnt.
Spawning Room 1.3

Bomberman - Terraria

Aug 09, 2016 Release
This is a one-person project by SchrobZen ( I love Bomberman and I love Terraria... so I had to create this :D It's a multyplayer-terraria-map for 2-48 players to have fun with (2-4 players in one match, but 12 matches simultaneously possible). You can download it, play it, share it. DON'T FORGET Allways have a backupfile so you can play the 12 Arenas again :D If you have any bugs, missfunktions, suggestions or any type of feedback...

Corvos Mansion Pre-Hardmode

Aug 09, 2016 Planning
This Is A base for players who haven't beat the wall of flesh but don't want to build a big house or you can just explore this map was created on a small curroption map version 1.0
v1.4 Castle Design

Jemlok Castle

Aug 06, 2016 Release
Jemlok Castle v1.4 Hardmode castle puzzle map with modified/enhanced world, designed for players who want to experience hardmode and late-game content without too much grind. The only rules: - Start with a new character (starting equipment is provided in chests, and a variety of weapons and accesories are available in the Castle) - Don't mess with wiring or minetrack network (Mechanic remains trapped in Dungeon, and electrics chests locked) ZIP contains 4 files: Expert/Non-Expert &...

Medieval Castle

Aug 06, 2016 Release
Medieval Castle : You'll start near the castle and below the castle there's a secret room! There's fun games that you can play with your friends! There aren't many games yet, but i'll update it every week (only saturday)

The Inversion

Aug 04, 2016 Planning
The colors are flipped! Its like a normal survival, but the whole world is painted with Negative Paint!
Red Hat Castle

Red Hat Castle

Aug 04, 2016 Release
Red Hat Castle is a "Metroidvania" (as they say), where you openly explore and are only limited by your own abilities, of which are hidden throughout the world. It is a large castle with themed sections, surrounded by outdoor and underground sections as well. It features 3 difficulty settings, chosen by the player at the start of the map. The difficulty affects both platforming and the availability of items. You are supposed to make a new character, and you are supposed to follow any...

Pixel Science

Aug 04, 2016 Planning
This map is a map for based around the Portal Gun from Valve's Portal. It can be played with 1 to... well, as many people as your server can hold :) (recommended to use TShock or similar for the /i command). It's kinda short (it's my first map) but it's moderately difficult to get the intended solution (but there are bypasses if you can't do it). The map ends with "Speed Gel" that you can play around with. It took me quite a while, so I hope you enjoy it. :)

EoC Sunken City Arena

Aug 03, 2016 Planning
Basically: an arena of the style of a sunken city in the ocean. There are 7 weapons available: Dark Lance, Thorn Chakram, Cascade (Yoyo), Diamond Staff, Blue Moon, Demon Bow + Jester's Arrows and Phoenix Blaster + Musket Balls. Sorry that it begins still at day, I forgot to wait when I finished. Technically, there is a way to cheat and get all the items, and that is by grabbing one, dying, grabbing the next one. I don't know how to fix that. Hope you enjoy anyway, NNNIKKI (P.S. If you're...

Death Star Starter map

Aug 02, 2016 Planning
The original spawn is located right beside the ladder to the house. I did it on survival, with a new character. I had to farm resources and finally, on the beginning of the 3rd day, I finished. I wanted to do it as quick as possible so I didn't have time to make a bed. This is my first Terraria map uploaded, so please don't expect too much. Hope you like it anyway! -NNNIKKI
PC House

Memories: An RPG adventure map

Jul 29, 2016 Beta
This is a story driven adventure map. You, the player have cursed induced amnesia. You first wake up next to a well and must rediscover parts of your life and get your curse Lifted. This is my first adventure map and is not finished. I have flesh out the current content and debugged (hopefully) all the problems. I have released this first part of this adventure map for feedback on building adventure maps. The rules are simple. Trash all starter items. no breaking blocks no placing blocks...


Jul 27, 2016 Mature
A map that i've been using for about a year and that contain lot of stuff (moons and moon lord event mainly). It also contain farms and custom housing for NPCs. You will need wings in order to access the main part of the map since it is on floating islands.