Starraria - Starbound/Terraria Adventure Map

Apr 17, 2014 Release
Main thread: Starraria is a massive adventure map for Terraria with a lot of content and varied design. It is based around some of the main mechanics of Starbound and is the largest adventure map to date. I have been working on this intensely the past month and has a lot of content, filling 2 large Terraria worlds with a ton of thought, creativity and experience put into it. Only main concepts are taken...
The Story of Red Cloud

The Story of Red Cloud

Apr 12, 2014 Release
The Story of Red Cloud is a massive full game Zelda/Dark Souls inspired adventure built inside the world of Terraria. It will take players through 12 dungeons spread across an expansive and inter-connected world, encompassing an estimated 15 to 30+ hr experience that will offer enough to do and see to enjoy more than one playthrough. DOWNLOAD LINK: --- See the big Download button to the right, a little bit up, or see the Files Tab for the latest download. (Check the Read Me before playing....

Derp's custom home v2.0

Mar 28, 2014 Planning
The map is brand new of the old one.

derptron's custom house

Mar 28, 2014 Planning
my first map it you enjoy please leave a like on it, thank you! PLEASE NOTE:this map is cind of a cheat map (no items just really big, and all the crafting stuff is in it) EPIC STORAGE!
Azie's Treehouse | Unexplored | Starter House | Crimson

Azie's Treehouse | Unexplored | Starter House | Crimson

Mar 16, 2014 Release
Terraria - Unexplored - Starter Home - Crimson Install: 1. Navigate to your Terraria worlds folder in "My Games". - C: Libraries > Documents > My Games > Terraria > Worlds 2. Drag the Azie's_Treehouse.wld into your worlds folder. 3. Play! Includes: - Main Treehouse - Master bedroom in attic - Ocean/Ice/Snow music boxes - Bathroom - Piggy Bank/Safe - Suitable NPC housing (7 "rooms" total) - Kitchen - Brewery - Covered bridges - Custom tree "guard houses" to prevent NPCs from escaping...
Big statues!

Pyramid Adventure II

Mar 15, 2014 Release
Egypt is the destination this time around for another adventure deep underground. Your explorations will take you through mines, caves and tombs; and of course a pyramid or two. Your goal is to reach the tomb of the ancient Egyptian Sun God, Ra and claim his treasures. But it won't be easy, not only do you have traps to avoid and puzzles to solve but you also have servants of the dead to contend with! This map includes replacement textures and sprites. Instructions for use are included in the...

Sky Survive v1.0

Mar 12, 2014 Planning
Fly map survival Sky Survive v1.0 terraria v1.2.3.1

Sky Survive

Feb 22, 2014 Alpha
survival in a world flying

Wanted Story Adventure Map 1.2

Feb 16, 2014 Release
The Wanted world is now updated for the 1.2 update. Dive in to the world of a fugitive and fight through caves and dungeons. Meet new people as you follow the story line. This map has a unique lever quest system.

Terraria Fortress 2

Feb 13, 2014 Release
Pick a class and fight with your friends on the classic map 2Fort. Classes are already set up from the fiery pyro to the stealthy spy. PVP setup include team death-match or capture the gem. Features: 9 classes each with different abilities and items. A faithful recreation of the map 2Fort from TF2 How to play: Keep a backup save of the world as items taken from chests will be gone otherwise. You can either use the characters from the download or take items for each class in the preset chests....
Cirque de Cursed Icon

Crimson's Cirque de Cursed Beta

Feb 12, 2014 Beta
This is a map that provides storyline, aesthetic value, and challenging but rewarding exploration opportunities to the sinister world of Terraria. The project is currently incomplete and will only be updated upon multiple requests, so try it out for yourself and read the rules in the txt file. I would like you to tell me how and why I should reshape and add areas whenever possible and I would try to implement changes immediately. Thanks for your time, good luck and have fun!
HaunTeD CasTLes

PuLSes Worm Pit ==>The CraTeR vs. The Valley

Feb 03, 2014 Release
This map is updated regularly - check for updates! The CraTeR vs. The Valley is an international collaborative creation using a Terrarian large world split asunder, with a Tower in the middle separating a virtual Hell from a virtual Paradise. Pick your side and stroll through scenic villages and expansive waterfronts or strap on your heavy armor and summon the best that Terraria has to offer (PVP if that's your choice) in some of the most beautifully hellish terrain ever constructed. The...
Castle Dour East Guard Tower

Castle dour

Jan 15, 2014 Inactive
CASTLE DOUR Survival Art Items & Storage Fortresses & Living Quarters Description I built this castle for starters to have a nice place to live and some really nice loot in the chests.

skyship adventure

Jan 05, 2014 Release
Skyward Sadly this is from my personal map, so its thoroughly tunneled to remove corruption and hallow 100% clean of hallow and corruption Completely done by hand and painstakingly farmed all resources, no cheated items are or where used on this map All Npc's Includes Invasion arena Some goodies if you can find them Designed a extremely awesome skyboat (sails into new worlds to start mining op's) Skyship has infinite obsidian generator Insanely defended and equipped for intruders (enemies)...

New Home for starters

Dec 19, 2013 Inactive
This was my home for a long time so I thought you guys should share it updates will happen. I have left the items in the chests. pm me with any questsions

Wizard Academy

Dec 14, 2013 Release
You are a wizard! Choose between 4 Houses, Fire, Earth, Water, and Shadow, and explore a massive world with intentions to become the greatest wizard of all time! Completing classes earns you credits nessessary to upgrade your wizard through 20 levels. Find dungeons, defeat armies, and delve into this unlinear and fully explorable world. When you feel you are powerful enough, take the final "exam" and see if you have what it takes to become a master wizard.(6 different empires rule Terraria,...
The Hotel

Epic Hotel!

Dec 13, 2013 Release
This map features a hotel, complete with two different sections! Also including a hellevator, a small adamantite house, and an abandon house.

[] Earth

Dec 12, 2013 Release
A map created when I started playing Terraria Enjoy :)

My Terraria House

Dec 07, 2013 Inactive
my cool underground house in terraria, it has: all NPCs except for truffle water and lava storage tanks as well as a obsidian farm with pipes leading to the storage tanks Storage Area with chests and a place to store your armour (some of my armour and items as well as boss spawner's) a goldfish, slime and jellyfish farm for gel, glow sticks, goldfish and banners some traps near the entry to stop zombies and possessed armour elevator to hell and some tunnels going to the edges of the map...

Hard Winter

Dec 04, 2013 Release
You're the only one left in the neighbourhood. It's getting dark and cold. Those creatures are after you. Perhaps you should start anew and live your life as a hobo, rummaging rubbish bins for food. Or you should live in the sewers for survival but you're not the only one living there.... Find out how it all began, with a little extra story play in the x2 map. A barren generated world with just the icing on the surface, free for explorations Words for the x2 map: If you encounter any Large...