Terra Z

Terra Z

Jan 10, 2015 Planning
You're (insert name here) a person like any other which is now a zombie apocalypse. A secret organization created a strange virus that could revive the dead. Before long the virus mutated, causing not only to become zombies, but in different and rare creatures. As living gelatinous slime, flying eyes ... By day the zombies scarce to the point of seeming nonexistent. Perhaps the virus has returned to mutate making the zombies will fear the sunlight. But do not trust, at night the zombies come...
Insane Dungeon by CyanDestructor

Insane Dungeon

Jan 04, 2015 Release
INSANE DUNGEON [CTM HARDCORE TERRARIA MAP] Explore the inside of a dungeon full of enemies in search of the two ores and complete the monument. READ THE RULES. It is recommended to make several copies of the map.

Fastertrain8 City (Freeplay)

Dec 21, 2014 Planning
One day you wake up from your best day... and... you appear to be in a small cabin out in the middle of nowhere. You look on your GPS, it says your on a planetthat's been there a whilebut it doesn't seem very familar. Then you find an invisible mailboxsomeone left a letter! Then you know why your there, and you have to rebuild the city and defend it (and yourself as well).
Survival Island 1.2.4

Survival Island 1.2.4

Dec 20, 2014 Alpha
An island where you start off against the goblin army and blood moon and eclipse. once you have lost or won you will find the Pirate Map where you will have to summon the Pirate Army.Then you can live and prosper on the island with ores and a huge to expand upon.

Summer Ends [Finished]

Dec 12, 2014 Release
Intro Prepare for a long perilous adventure as you traverse this world. Fight bosses from mannequins to EoC to moon events. Scavenge, upgrade and customize your character. You fight for a chance of conquest or run to tell the tale. Accompanied by a talking puppy or banded with trusted company. Even with wits and skills, will you ever see the light of the day? What to expect Platforming without the digging, role-playing, text-based stories, ridiculous boss fights and more. Can be played up to...


Dec 05, 2014 Planning
Colbaria is a island full of both adventure and danger. Explore many full fleshed out unique biomes all hiding secrets. From high, icy mountains, to barren monster filled deserts to dark mysterious jungles. The map includes 5 dungeons all together. Including a hidden water temple and a hardmode keymold dungeon. There are things to do in each stage of the game from the first day to the end of hardmode. In many ways this map is harder. Tougher terrain, deadlier dungeons and better protected...
World view

Terraria Complete 1.2.4

Dec 01, 2014 Release
Made for vanilla survival gameplay in, the map was made by piecing together elements from nearly 100 large maps using the map editing tool TEdit. It has original and new pre-hardmore ores, and the new (but not the old) hardmode ores. There are all 3 colors of dungeon linked together, 6 living trees, 2 pyramids, over 20 hives, 12 floating islands, and 2 jungle temples. All colors of cave moss also appear. One of both Corruption and Crimson are present, found together, but the world...

SkyJets Map

Nov 30, 2014 Inactive
Hey Guys its SkyJetTheGamer ( So Heres My World Map so Enjoy :D
The Spawn Point

Super SpikyBall Bash!

Nov 08, 2014 Inactive
Compete with your friends in a box of spiky balls and some dart traps! Jump and dodge with the accessories and ice rod you are given to try to survive longer then your opponents in the box of death!
PvP Maze Arenas

PvP Maze Arenas

Oct 30, 2014 Inactive
In this map there are 5 Maze Arenas designed only for PVP. Each Arena has it's unique structure and hazards that can be activated whenever the player desires to use it, they can be used in favor and reversal. All arenas have rules that makes the fight between the fighters more interesting however it's not like I'm forcing you guys to use them play with rules or with no rules doesn't matter. 5 Arenas: - Spooky arena (must be played at night if hazard is used) - Hell arena - Lihzahrd arena -...

Pre-Hard mode Survival

Sep 28, 2014 Inactive
The map is 90% unexplored, including the skeletron dungeon(Who is defeated) and there is homes for all NPCs'. There are 3 pre-hard mode NPCs' not available, these are the technician the goblin and stylist. It has hardly been mined out of so 99% of the ores and resources are still available.

Boss Arena

Sep 24, 2014 Release
A bossing arena equipped with heart statues, star statues, roaming space as well as lava pits to weed out small mob summons.

Only Home - Aranda

Sep 18, 2014 Release
- Big map - Unexplored - Simple but effective initial empty fortress - Ready to teleport to far places when you come to the destination - Crimsom

The Corruption Challenge

Sep 02, 2014 Release
For those people who like a challenge, I have made a map where the whole thing is corruption except for two floating islands. One is ice and another is Jungle. Survive as you would in a normal Terraria world. Good Luck!! [Hint: The Dryad is the key] If you decide to play this map maybe you can make a youtube series. Note: The World may be a little buggy.

Iceland - The snow map

Aug 29, 2014 Inactive
Helo! This snow map will be a survival map. But there is some challenge for the champions! Good game!

Sky Survive v1.0

Aug 20, 2014 Release
Fly map survival Sky Survive v1.0 terraria v1.2.3.1

Lithuania City

Aug 18, 2014 Planning
Welcome to the City of Lithuania or The City of Light This map is made for beginners to help them with their journey using the underground railway system! This map is unfinished and a map I would like to begin making, help me by commenting what I should add to this map! Accepting all suggestion that'll improve the map. Thank you for dowloading (if you did) and enjoy your beginner's experience!

Wizard Academy

Aug 18, 2014 Release
You are a wizard! Choose between 4 Houses, Fire, Earth, Water, and Shadow, and explore a massive world with intentions to become the greatest wizard of all time! Completing classes earns you credits nessessary to upgrade your wizard through 20 levels. Find dungeons, defeat armies, and delve into this unlinear and fully explorable world. When you feel you are powerful enough, take the final "exam" and see if you have what it takes to become a master wizard.(6 different empires rule Terraria,...
Map Preview

Both Crimson and Corruption

Apr 25, 2014 Release
Named Sipcheara, this map was generated using an entirely custom mod for Terraria As such, it likely requires or newer (not tested on earlier versions). This is a large sized map. Painstakingly tweaked the world generator to make it generate both Crimson and Corruption biomes, complete with both Demonite and Crimtane ore, and both Demon altars and Crimson Altars. I also increased the maximum number of flying islands, so there are just slightly more than usual. After that,...

Camp Sowisty, or Sowistyqosov

Apr 20, 2014 Planning
This is my main world, Camp Sowisty, or Camp Sowistyqosov- Camp Riverspirit. Many NPCs, some biome editing, and item spawning has been done on this map. It will be more expansively edited- I'm trying to get rid of a lot of corruption, leaving a specifically biome-isolated area of corruption on the right side of the map. There are a few slightly confusing hellevators. This map is in hardmode, so corruption will spread. I have also isolated the hallows.