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Silent Hill 2 Adventure Map

Jul 25, 2016 Release
Play as James Sunderland in this custom Terraria map, who's on quest to find his wife in Silent Hill. Features - Single Player Adventure which mostly uses Guns as primary weapon. - Large, dark labyrinths and dungeons. - It's dark everywhere, only your torch to light you up - Adventure that's inspired on Silent Hill 2's story and setting. - 4 Difficulty Mode. - 4 Endings. - Adventure that last about 2 hours Rules - New Character Only. Dump your starting items. - Keep your Copper Short-sword at...
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Super Hard Challanger Map

Jul 24, 2016 Release
This is my first map and its very basic. All you need to do is create a new character and start playing. You keep your starting items and get some bonus ones as soon as you start. The map is expert mode as well as hardmode and you have beginner items so to make things fair I've added a clockwork assault rifle with ammo and a pwnhammer. Skeletron has also been defeated so you can go find the mechanic sooner and you can have access to defensive systems and statue farms. You might want a friends...

Starter Base

Jul 23, 2016 Planning


Jul 23, 2016 Release
This map will teach players the fundamentals of wiring and how to get wire, map making inspirations/tips. It is very good for players who cant ask questions for themselves because they don't know how to or not interested, I recommend downloading and trying this map as it teaches you how to use wires and all that! Have fun Terrarians

HardMode Bunker

Jul 19, 2016 Planning
A bunker for hardmode in already have the Merchant and the Guide,and a farm for looting zombies,slimes and corrupted ground enemies

Sausagepoos Journey

Jul 05, 2016 Planning
Sausage poos Journey is a Parkour, Boss Battling, Puzzle and Adventure map where you battle three bosses, do lots of parkour and solve even more puzzles.
Commander Keen Ep.1 Title Screen

Commander Keen Ep.1

Jun 25, 2016 Release
This is a project by SchrobZen ( I really love the "Commander Keen" games and I love Terraria... So that's where the idea came from. This ist a one-by-one (almost :D ) recreation of the popular game from 1990 "Commander Keen Ep.1 - Marooned on Mars" It is a singleplayer Adventur-Map that does a great Job of capturing the charm that the Original game had and still has to this day. I put some time into this so I would really...
Spawning Room 1.3

Bomberman - Terraria

Jun 25, 2016 Release
This is a one-person project by SchrobZen ( I love Bomberman and I love Terraria... so I had to create this :D It's a multyplayer-terraria-map for 2-48 players to have fun with (2-4 players in one match, but 12 matches simultaneously possible). You can download it, play it, share it. DON'T FORGET Allways have a backupfile so you can play the 12 Arenas again :D If you have any bugs, missfunktions, suggestions or any type of feedback...

Summer Ends

Jun 25, 2016 Release
Intro Prepare for a long perilous adventure as you traverse this world. Fight all existing bosses from mannequins to EoC, all the way to the Duke. Scavenge, upgrade and customize your character. You fight for a chance of conquest or flee to tell the tale. Accompanied by a talking puppy or banded with trusted company. Even with wits and skills, will you ever see the light of the day? What to expect Platforming without the digging, role-playing, text-based stories, ridiculous boss fights and...

My Titanstone Fortress

Jun 18, 2016 Planning
A Titanstone Fortress with other things like a tiny but good arena
Terraria Skyblocks Beta

Terraria Skyblocks Beta

Jun 09, 2016 Release
Welcome to Terraria Skyblocks Beta. Your goal is to farm, build, and survive to get to the Moon Lord in order to kill him. Shout out to my friends Aperture™ and YourMom for helping me test/create the map. And if you are looking for a challenge then check out the steam guide >><< for quests and more.
Starting House

Elmo's World (Finished Survival)

Jun 08, 2016 Release
(Terraria This is Elmo's World; I challenged myself to finish the game as quickly as I could, and also collect as many items as possible in the shortest amount of time. I ended up beating the Moon Lord with just a little bit over 100 hours (which I thought was a great achievment for my current experience in Terraria). The rules I set for myself were pretty basic. No Hacking, Cheating, Spawning Items, or editing the world with a third party program. The map includes: A home base with...


Jun 08, 2016 Planning
A small map that has everything in it. A dungeon, a sky house, hell, the crimson, the ice biome , the jungle biome, two oceans, and a bee hive. The biomes are small but contain a lot of resources in them for that biome. The purpose of this map is to show the player and small area to work with and see if they can survive on their own.

TheAbandonedHouse - (Starter House)

Jun 04, 2016 Planning
Survival Map Are you too lazy to build a house? Are you tired of building the same thing over again? Then let me present you.. This 1.3.1 Terraria map. It contains a beautiful huge old abandoned treehouse, it contains (21)1+ NPC Rooms Nothing is looted, i just had the idea of making it when i was playing Terraria so i had to move the treehouse to a new world map for the players that want to play on this. (wasnt easy for me since i had no clue how to use a Map editor :p) If a chest doesn't...
The fishbowl

Fishbowl Arena (EoC challenge)

May 11, 2016 Beta
Have you ever wished to kill a boss inside an huge fishbowl? Me neither.. But,hey that's a cool idea! Fishbowl arena is,as its name suggests,a little pve arena based on an huge fishbowl. In this map you have to kill the EoC with just 100 life,tin armor,arctic diving gear,tabi and an anchor. Will you die like a fool... ...Or win like a champion? FIND OUT NOW! Map's video:


May 09, 2016 Inactive
I recreated Motherlode, a game where you mine materials to get money, buy better gear, and fight a boss. Who the boss is, will be unknown.
Ocean Survival

Ocean Survival V-1.2!!

May 06, 2016 Beta
welcome to Ocean Survival. I hope you like my second map survival. If you find any error publish it the comment box or on my facebook page : You can Beat the Water ? Have fun!

ST Storage

Apr 30, 2016 Inactive
ST Storage Has: Titanium Armor Adamantite Armor Solar Armor Turtle Armor Nebula Armor Stardust Armor Spectre Armor Hallow Armor Vortex Armor Shroomite Armor Chlorophyte Armor Necro Armor Ancient Necro Armor Shadow Armor Molten Armor Meteor Armor Gladiator Armor Fossil Armor Ancient Cobalt Armor Shadow Armor Ancient Shadow Armor Red's Armor Polar's Armor Solar Wings Stardust Wings Terrablade Stardust Axe Stardust Pickaxe Stardust Hammer Terrarian Red's YoYo Meowmre Worm Scarf Crimson Armor...


Mar 28, 2016 Inactive
This is the map that was created for the use of Monst3rP3nguin's Terraria Server. Now that the server is down and out for the count, the map can be downloaded by anyone for any purpose. Enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Spiderworld (1.3) (Xprt/Nrml) (Made For PEDGUIN)

Mar 27, 2016 Release
This map is a map where everywhere, except the sky, is Spider Walls, and you must survive with all the cobwebs in the way, spiders, and === annoyingness === (That's a word!) This map is made for ==== PEDGUIN ====, but anyone can play it! You have a choice to play === EXPERT === or === NORMAL ===... CAN YOU SURVIVE? ====== GO TO 'FILES' TO CHOOSE BETWEEN NORMAL OR EXPERT!!! ======