Jun 27, 2015 Release
A little Adventure/Collectaton map part of a bigger project. You are part of a New Crew chosen for gathering vital minerals in a mysterious planet full of hostiles monsters. you arrive to the Mothership where the General Rariaz will give to you the equipment necessary to explore the Planet Called TerRa-01. Rariaz will give the task of collect all you equipment: 1 Anti Toxic Waste Suit 2 Primary melee Weapon 3 Primary / secondary / special + ammo range weapon 4 Heart crystals + Mana crystals....

A Journey from the Skies to the Surface

Jun 27, 2015 Planning
I created a new world, and it seems that this world was NOT what I was expecting. With no plausible way to get down to the surface and survive right away, how will you find your way down to the surface without dying? This game will pose a challenge to those who want a challenge, it will cause you to think differently about how to get to the surface... you get to have a whole adventure before you even go on your real adventure on the ground! Something to note: this is a 100% NATURAL 1.2...
Hardmode Crash Screenshot

Hardmode Crash

Jun 13, 2015 Release
Welcome to Hardmode Crash! In this map, you take a brand new character through a Terraria adventure... in Hardmode. In this world, you'll find 9 NPCs already at your service, vastly improved "loot" in the dungeon and elsewhere, Crimson and Corruption, and a host of Easter Eggs. Enjoy!

Bomberman - Terraria

May 13, 2015 Release
This is a one-person project by SchrobZen ( I love Bomberman and I love Terraria... so I had to create this :D It's a multyplayer-terraria-map, to have fun with. You can download it, play it, share it. If you have any bugs, missfunktions, suggestions or any type of feedback please let me know. ( This will be updated when nessesary. Have FUN!!!! SchrobZen (the...


May 12, 2015 Release
This is a one-person project by SchrobZen ( I loved all these multiplayer-maps and I wanted to build a colosseum..... so I created this :D It's a team-deathmach-terraria-map, to have fun with. You can download it, play it, share it. You fight in 2 teams with up to 4 Players each. If you have any bugs, missfunktions, suggestions or any type of feedback please let me know....
PvP Maze Arenas

PvP Maze Arenas

May 03, 2015 Beta
In this map there are 6 Maze Arenas designed only for PVP. Each Arena has it's unique structure and hazards that can be activated whenever the player desires to use it, they can be used in favor and reversal. All arenas have rules that makes the fight between the fighters more interesting however it's not like I'm forcing you guys to use them play with rules or with no rules doesn't matter. 6 Arenas: - Spooky arena (must be played at night if hazard is used) - Hell arena - Lihzahrd arena -...

Starraria - Starbound/Terraria Adventure Map

Apr 28, 2015 Release
Main thread: Starraria is a massive adventure/exploration map combining core elements from Starbound with Terraria. Explore 30 varied and unique planets with one of 6 classes. The map is designed for up to 6 people and will take around 10 hours to complete everything. Video series: danielbr1993: Zeb:...

Aventura Versão 36

Apr 25, 2015 Inactive
Uma pequena aventura criada sobre um mapa grande e inexplorado de Terraria. Acrescenta elementos de RPG e auxílio para jogadores menos experientes. Pequenas missões paralelas acrescentam uma dose extra de emoção ao jogo. Textos em português do Brasil. :-) Especialmente obrigado por alguns templates extraídos de "Rising Atlantis", "Adam's Castletown" e "MTEN ULTIMATE MAP" (Não solicitei autorização expressa, porque acredito que sejam de domínio público). As histórias têm foco no modo pré-hard,...

Terraria Classic

Apr 23, 2015 Inactive
A map that contains all of the old Terraria ores, and no new generated structures Also it is a corruption world. The map was made for an old Terraria experience. A list of things the map does, and doesn't have: -No Temple -No Hives -No Spider Caves -No new ores -All old ores -Corruption world Thank you to those of you who download this map.

Terraria HappyDays Ultimate World of AFK Traps

Apr 11, 2015 Release
HappyDays Ultimate AFK Farm World Hi Crew, HappyDays here! A lot of you have been asking for a world download containing a lot of the AFK Farms featured on our YouTube channel: Each AFK Farm features a signpost explaining how to get it started. If the trap requires items, you will find a chest next to it stocked and ready to go! The teleporter room near spawn point will take you all around the world, just read the signpost near each teleporter to...

Trvalv's Starter World V1

Apr 03, 2015 Inactive
Trvalv's Terraria Starter World V1 I will continue to update this map periodically, maybe even make this a mini adventure map that you can keep what items you get in it, sort of like Yrimir's Zork adventure map. Hope you find my building skills alright, and stay tuned for more! I had a idea to make a starter world for anyone to use, and would like to see anyone do a lets play of this, as I know I will play on this map and maybe make another map. I originally wanted to make a world just for me...

Hell World

Feb 06, 2015 Inactive
You are in a world that has been took over by King Azarath of Azarath he has turned the entire world into HELL!!!! It's up to you to stop him kill him(Kill wall of flesh).

Sewer Escape

Feb 06, 2015 Inactive
Story/Plot: The cat king has captured you and your friends now it's your job to free every one by escaping through the sewer(s). But to do that you flip the switch in your cell your friends have been released but they can't escape.

Escape the Dungeon Chapter 1

Jan 31, 2015 Beta
In this map you find out that your fishing trip is ruined all because of some stupid meteor. So you try to find another way out by battling your way through your dungeon home can you make it out alive?

The Great War, A battle of life and glory

Jan 30, 2015 Planning
The time has come for two heroes to fight! Which kingdom will rise victorious? Choose a side, and win the war!

Hollowed World

Jan 30, 2015 Inactive
This world is all hollow play how you would normally and soon there will be a chest with molten gear Rules: No rules just play normally and have fun!
Terra Z

Terra Z

Jan 10, 2015 Release
You're (insert name here) a person like any other which is now a zombie apocalypse. A secret organization created a strange virus that could revive the dead. Before long the virus mutated, causing not only to become zombies, but in different and rare creatures. As living gelatinous slime, flying eyes ... By day the zombies scarce to the point of seeming nonexistent. Perhaps the virus has returned to mutate making the zombies will fear the sunlight. But do not trust, at night the zombies come...
Insane Dungeon by CyanDestructor

Insane Dungeon

Jan 04, 2015 Release
INSANE DUNGEON [CTM HARDCORE TERRARIA MAP] Explore the inside of a dungeon full of enemies in search of the two ores and complete the monument. READ THE RULES. It is recommended to make several copies of the map.
Survival Island 1.2.4

Survival Island 1.2.4

Dec 20, 2014 Alpha
An island where you start off against the goblin army and blood moon and eclipse. once you have lost or won you will find the Pirate Map where you will have to summon the Pirate Army.Then you can live and prosper on the island with ores and a huge to expand upon.

Summer Ends

Dec 12, 2014 Release
Intro Prepare for a long perilous adventure as you traverse this world. Fight all existing bosses from mannequins to EoC, all the way to the Duke. Scavenge, upgrade and customize your character. You fight for a chance of conquest or flee to tell the tale. Accompanied by a talking puppy or banded with trusted company. Even with wits and skills, will you ever see the light of the day? What to expect Platforming without the digging, role-playing, text-based stories, ridiculous boss fights and...