Commander Keen Ep.1 Title Screen

Commander Keen Ep.1

Jun 25, 2016 Planning
This is a project by SchrobZen ( I really love the "Commander Keen" games and I love Terraria... So that's where the idea came from. This ist a one-by-one (almost :D ) recreation of the popular game from 1990 "Commander Keen Ep.1 - Marooned on Mars" It is a singleplayer Adventur-Map that does a great Job of capturing the charm that the Original game had and still has to this day. I put some time into this so I would really...

Summer Ends

Jun 25, 2016 Release
Intro Prepare for a long perilous adventure as you traverse this world. Fight all existing bosses from mannequins to EoC, all the way to the Duke. Scavenge, upgrade and customize your character. You fight for a chance of conquest or flee to tell the tale. Accompanied by a talking puppy or banded with trusted company. Even with wits and skills, will you ever see the light of the day? What to expect Platforming without the digging, role-playing, text-based stories, ridiculous boss fights and...

The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess: Terraria Edition

Jun 22, 2016 Planning
a basic recreation of The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess in Terraria
Victorian Dolls House

Victorian Dolls House

Jun 20, 2016 Release
This is a map made by me (with help from a friend) It a Victorian Dolls House that I copied from an image of a victorian dollhouse and I made it into Terraria, this is a large unexplored world. Thanks to Jlaura988 and who made Builder's Workshop (who I got the building material from) this is the first map I made so be nice.Thanks I made a change to the original, now there is a lava pit bellow the house (for mobs i.e pirates etc.) and a...

Death or Glory

Jun 18, 2016 Planning
Death or Glory is a fun exciting (sometimes frustrating) portal gun map made by hand- And it only took one day! It is called death or glory because you can die from fall damage, monsters, and lava pits. For the glory, you start out with a portal gun, cell phone, Pulse bow, endless quiver, binoculars, and 30 red potions. When you complete the map, you get a SDMG, Pumpking costume, lunar flare and other cool stuff. The rules are you have to make a new character and throw away your items. use...
Martian Mother Ship (Flying Saucer)

Martian Mother Ship (Flying Saucer)

Jun 11, 2016 Planning
Giant Flying Saucer used by the martians! secret doors, npc rooms, and much more! To install, download map, go to documents, my games, then Terraria. once you've done that copy the file (Alien_ship.wld) and put it in terraria's worlds folder. Hopefully this helps and that you enjoy my creation. I have scratched the idea of making a new one for multiplayer because it will take way more time then before because I don't have mods. The good news is that I am going to make additions to the...
Terraria Skyblocks Beta

Terraria Skyblocks Beta

Jun 09, 2016 Release
Welcome to Terraria Skyblocks Beta. Your goal is to farm, build, and survive to get to the Moon Lord in order to kill him. Shout out to my friends Aperture™ and YourMom for helping me test/create the map. And if you are looking for a challenge then check out the steam guide >><< for quests and more.

Fishing map

Jun 08, 2016 Planning
Hate fishing? This is the map for you as it has a fishing hut Tips & Tricks and more * 2nd version will be released soon !!!! * NOTE WILL BE UPDATED FROM TIME TO TIME


Jun 08, 2016 Planning
A small map that has everything in it. A dungeon, a sky house, hell, the crimson, the ice biome , the jungle biome, two oceans, and a bee hive. The biomes are small but contain a lot of resources in them for that biome. The purpose of this map is to show the player and small area to work with and see if they can survive on their own.

Chthulu's Wrath

Jun 02, 2016 Planning
This map is a "Adventure Map" with some humour and a tiny bit of 4rth wall breaking. The map is not finished yet and i ask people to give me ideas for puzzles and boss fights.... and some horrible puns of course!

The Seven Gems

Jun 01, 2016 Planning
Go throe seven chambers all containing a gem collect all of the gems to win and get out of gem prison that you are trapped in .

The Quest For Everything

May 31, 2016 Release
The Quest For Everything is a challenge where you have to collect every item in the game. Using multiple worlds, obviously. This feat is being performed by Tigerblaze Playz. The rules are simple, no spawning items, multiple worlds are allowed, and friends may help you throughout the challenge. Be warned, this is a very difficult challenge, whether it is due to the astronomical amount of chlorophyte needed, or the 50 nymphs that need to be ruthlessly slaughtered. Have fun! Map made by Slyc20...
Red Hat Castle

Red Hat Castle

May 31, 2016 Release
Red Hat Castle is a "Metroidvania" (as they say), where you openly explore and are only limited by your own abilities, of which are hidden throughout the world. It is a large castle with themed sections, surrounded by outdoor and underground sections as well. It features 3 difficulty settings, chosen by the player at the start of the map. The difficulty affects both platforming and the availability of items. You are supposed to make a new character, and you are supposed to follow any...

My Adventure Map

May 28, 2016 Planning
This is my first adventure map ever. I used new 1.3.1 mechanics and has a nice boss fight with the brain. Hope you enjoy! :)
The fishbowl

Fishbowl Arena (EoC challenge)

May 11, 2016 Beta
Have you ever wished to kill a boss inside an huge fishbowl? Me neither.. But,hey that's a cool idea! Fishbowl arena is,as its name suggests,a little pve arena based on an huge fishbowl. In this map you have to kill the EoC with just 100 life,tin armor,arctic diving gear,tabi and an anchor. Will you die like a fool... ...Or win like a champion? FIND OUT NOW! Map's video:


May 09, 2016 Planning
I recreated Motherlode, a game where you mine materials to get money, buy better gear, and fight a boss. Who the boss is, will be unknown.
Ocean Survival

Ocean Survival V-1.2!!

May 06, 2016 Beta
welcome to Ocean Survival. I hope you like my second map survival. If you find any error publish it the comment box or on my facebook page : You can Beat the Water ? Have fun!
First Map


Apr 24, 2016 Beta
My First Released Map. It's a Combination Between Super Smash Bros and Kit Pvp. Pick a Class, Select a Map and Enjoy Playing with Your Friends. 8 Classes Available. If you have Some Suggestion Please Coment and i Will Make an Update(If worth it) .

Frozen Parkour

Apr 11, 2016 Inactive
This is my very first park our map so if you guys can please leave a comet on how it was. So a girl named Elsa aka moon lord freezes all the blocks to ice That have been placed even hell stone is starting to freeze travel through three levels.These levels are all possible but are super hard my friend tested it it took him 374 tries to beat level one!Finally after the three hard levels the game gives you good gear and you fight the moon lord and bring the fight to The Moon lord!!!!

Legends OFFICIAL Map Download

Apr 09, 2016 Inactive
For the fans of Terraria LEGENDS who were sadly let down at the closing of the RP. The world is made for an RP, and can be used by anyone. Myself and others made it all though, so good luck trying to claim it as your own. Thank you all! The world is set in the land of Elenia, a magical and mysterious world created by the Gods as their gift to the light. It was peaceful, until now. Now dark creatures roam the abandoned villages, and ancient evil is rising in the West. The Sun now calls upon 4...