ARENA for Terrarians V3

Nov 22, 2014 Planning
AN AMAIZING ARENA!!!VERSION 3!! with lots of new updates!!.....This the part of ARENA OF ACTION!! now its on V3!! with lots of updates! this is just a release map.
Arena of Action V2 preview

Arena of Action V2

Nov 15, 2014 Planning
My first arena..ive created the arena in 2013 and was finally finished in 2014...This arena has Many room! and there are super starter kits to start the action with many puzzles to complete.. THE ROOMS: ROOM OF DOOM 1ST ARENA 2ND ARENA FLIGHT HIGH WARP ROOM AND SUCH MORE!! there are lots of arena too!! ... MOSTLY CREATED FOR ADVENTURE.. AND GUYS DON'T FORGET THE RULES!!:)ok THE MAP IS ONLY FOR version of terraria IF YOU WISH TO SEE ABOUT MY ARENA READ THE SIGNS ON THE MAP! SO ENJOY...

Pearlwood Palace

Sep 30, 2014 Planning
Map is not explored yet. This is my Pearlwood Castle, like a Sherwood, You know :) There is hallow, miner cart and vide range of stuff, enjoy :)

boss/pvp arena

Sep 28, 2014 Planning
a nice boss arena map if you want me to make more maps private msg me or leave a comment saying what typ of map. (DO NOT USE MY GMAIL!!)

Pre-Hard mode Survival

Sep 28, 2014 Planning
The map is 90% unexplored, including the skeletron dungeon(Who is defeated) and there is homes for all NPCs'. There are 3 pre-hard mode NPCs' not available, these are the technician the goblin and stylist. It has hardly been mined out of so 99% of the ores and resources are still available.

Infinitum alpha 2.0

Sep 26, 2014 Release
Download: Welcome to infinitum! This map was created using only gameiki mod. We posted this map early because we wanted to know if you like it, so be sure to leave feedback on bugs and things that you dont like and things that you think need to be fixed. Thank you ! Map contents: Tons of items Beautiful buildings Trap houses and dungeons Statues Lots of teleports and bunch of cool ideas If you want to donate just click this link down below:...

Boss Bash

Sep 15, 2014 Inactive
The map of the... minute? It's not cool enough to be the century... Anyway, in this map you have five lives to defeat four bosses, after every death you get an upgrade. If you do not defeat all four bosses then you will get stuck. You will get to choose which boss you want to face first, and then you will be given some summoners. Rules. Rule 1: Delete all your starters and don't use them. Rule 2: Follow Rule 1. Rule 3: Have fun? If you want, that is. Rule 4: New characters only! Rule 5:...

The Corruption Challenge

Sep 02, 2014 Release
For those people who like a challenge, I have made a map where the whole thing is corruption except for two floating islands. One is ice and another is Jungle. Survive as you would in a normal Terraria world. Good Luck!! [Hint: The Dryad is the key] If you decide to play this map maybe you can make a youtube series. Note: The World may be a little buggy.

Sky Survive v1.0

Aug 20, 2014 Release
Fly map survival Sky Survive v1.0 terraria v1.2.3.1

Lithuania City

Aug 18, 2014 Planning
Welcome to the City of Lithuania or The City of Light This map is made for beginners to help them with their journey using the underground railway system! This map is unfinished and a map I would like to begin making, help me by commenting what I should add to this map! Accepting all suggestion that'll improve the map. Thank you for dowloading (if you did) and enjoy your beginner's experience!

Wizard Academy

Aug 18, 2014 Release
You are a wizard! Choose between 4 Houses, Fire, Earth, Water, and Shadow, and explore a massive world with intentions to become the greatest wizard of all time! Completing classes earns you credits nessessary to upgrade your wizard through 20 levels. Find dungeons, defeat armies, and delve into this unlinear and fully explorable world. When you feel you are powerful enough, take the final "exam" and see if you have what it takes to become a master wizard.(6 different empires rule Terraria,...

Terraria Great Starter Map

Aug 10, 2014 Inactive
Download your great starter map For Free With Free Items

Spinroll's Temple

Jul 14, 2014 Inactive
This Map is a work in progress, it has one dungeon in a giant tree, a fortress on a sky island, a giant zeplin house, a small dynasty house, and a small mushroom house. it also has heaps of other cool features. Including, teleporters, mine cart tracks, an invasion fighting zone, and an easy way to kill duke fishron and every current NPC apart from santa. Note: You may spawn in a wall of the dungeon... this can be remedied easily enough on the next update. The world has been messed with...


Jul 06, 2014 Inactive
Note:It's a spanish map Note2:It's for terraria RULES -1.Don't destroy blocks-2.Don't place blocks-3.Destroy all your items of your inventory.-4.It's only a Single player map.

The The dynasty house

Jul 06, 2014 Inactive Here is the map

Terraria Spider Challenge

Jul 01, 2014 Inactive
== Spider Challenge == Terraria survival is so much fun! It does it boring sometimes though. So why not cover everything in spider walls? Cob webs will be everywhere, spiders will be everywhere and tombstones, will be everywhere! Be sure to read the signs and don't cheat! Good luck and have fun.

Summer End

Jun 03, 2014 Release
Wandered off into a new map, our hero continues his/her perilous journey. Idle lifestyle have reverted the hero back to ground zero. Feeling weak and defeated, the hero? occupied oneself by eating mushrooms and rolling in dumps. Maybe today the hero will go out of the sewer for a walk.... A linear adventure. Can be played up to 4 players. Start a blank character. Work together and share your loots. Place beds at your own frustration. Ways to make the map easier: You may change npc locations...

Personal World w/ Oriental Housing

Jun 02, 2014 Inactive
Just sharing my personal world that I play whenever I am on the game. I love building so I am always making new worlds and rebuilding. Has almost every single NPC minus the Shroom guy. Man-made tree with rainbow water streaming off the sides. All bosses. Hardmode. Chests are filled with a lot of treasures. A cool looking bridge and a few plant farms. Download it and destroy it or make it your own. I'm down for sharing. I will update and I make the world prettier.

Titan Tower

May 31, 2014 Planning
This is the titan tower for 1.2.4 and i will update when needed to suit other npc

1.2.3 architecure

Apr 19, 2014 Release
we have all hand made/mined flesh, sky, shinto, and hive house. we also have a glass castle, surface temple, and a npc house.