Red Hat Castle

Red Hat Castle

May 30, 2016 Release
Red Hat Castle is a "Metroidvania" (as they say), where you openly explore and are only limited by your own abilities, of which are hidden throughout the world. It is a large castle with themed sections, surrounded by outdoor and underground sections as well. It features 3 difficulty settings, chosen by the player at the start of the map. The difficulty affects both platforming and the availability of items. You are supposed to make a new character, and you are supposed to follow any...

My Adventure Map

May 28, 2016 Planning
This is my first adventure map ever. I used new 1.3.1 mechanics and has a nice boss fight with the brain. Hope you enjoy! :)
The fishbowl

Fishbowl Arena (EoC challenge)

May 11, 2016 Beta
Have you ever wished to kill a boss inside an huge fishbowl? Me neither.. But,hey that's a cool idea! Fishbowl arena is,as its name suggests,a little pve arena based on an huge fishbowl. In this map you have to kill the EoC with just 100 life,tin armor,arctic diving gear,tabi and an anchor. Will you die like a fool... ...Or win like a champion? FIND OUT NOW! Map's video:


May 09, 2016 Planning
I recreated Motherlode, a game where you mine materials to get money, buy better gear, and fight a boss. Who the boss is, will be unknown.
Ocean Survival

Ocean Survival V-1.2!!

May 06, 2016 Beta
welcome to Ocean Survival. I hope you like my second map survival. If you find any error publish it the comment box or on my facebook page : You can Beat the Water ? Have fun!
First Map


Apr 24, 2016 Beta
My First Released Map. It's a Combination Between Super Smash Bros and Kit Pvp. Pick a Class, Select a Map and Enjoy Playing with Your Friends. 8 Classes Available. If you have Some Suggestion Please Coment and i Will Make an Update(If worth it) .

Frozen Parkour

Apr 11, 2016 Planning
This is my very first park our map so if you guys can please leave a comet on how it was. So a girl named Elsa aka moon lord freezes all the blocks to ice That have been placed even hell stone is starting to freeze travel through three levels.These levels are all possible but are super hard my friend tested it it took him 374 tries to beat level one!Finally after the three hard levels the game gives you good gear and you fight the moon lord and bring the fight to The Moon lord!!!!

Legends OFFICIAL Map Download

Apr 09, 2016 Planning
For the fans of Terraria LEGENDS who were sadly let down at the closing of the RP. The world is made for an RP, and can be used by anyone. Myself and others made it all though, so good luck trying to claim it as your own. Thank you all! The world is set in the land of Elenia, a magical and mysterious world created by the Gods as their gift to the light. It was peaceful, until now. Now dark creatures roam the abandoned villages, and ancient evil is rising in the West. The Sun now calls upon 4...
This tiny house.

Tiny House

Apr 03, 2016 Planning
A starter map without progress for anyone to play. Has space for banners and trophies

Greek style Basic house for starters

Apr 01, 2016 Beta
Hey, this is the first map that i update. This map made for new players. It's only a "small" greek style house. Great building to have a safe base, so u can explore without fear. It's also looks pretty nice as a first house. (Didn't beat any boss, didn't explore anything yet!) Hope u will like it.
Whole Window Map Image


Mar 28, 2016 Inactive
This is the first world I ever created, with a few NPCs. My guide died because of The Destroyer, so don't be expecting a guide in this world.

Spiderworld (1.3) (Xprt/Nrml) (Made For PEDGUIN)

Mar 27, 2016 Release
This map is a map where everywhere, except the sky, is Spider Walls, and you must survive with all the cobwebs in the way, spiders, and === annoyingness === (That's a word!) This map is made for ==== PEDGUIN ====, but anyone can play it! You have a choice to play === EXPERT === or === NORMAL ===... CAN YOU SURVIVE? ====== GO TO 'FILES' TO CHOOSE BETWEEN NORMAL OR EXPERT!!! ======
Crystal Cave 3

Crystal Cave

Mar 23, 2016 Release
An uncommon RACING MAP with obstacles that can be beaten with items provided inside the frozen chest. This map is meant to be played in multiplayer, if you like it you may suggest to moderators to try it sometime in a server. :) There is also a UFO version of this map that can be found in the files/other downloads. The rainbow maze is not recommended for people that suffer of any neurological disturb.

Ayy Lmao

Mar 20, 2016 Planning
A map that i made for Kim Jon OInk. Nothing really special this is just filler because this must be 25 characters long.

For Oink

Mar 20, 2016 Planning
A map that i made for Kim Jon OInk. Nothing really special this is just filler because this must be 25 characters long.


Mar 20, 2016 Release
Version 1.4 expert ( Version 1.4 easy ( Big map with all features that new players would like: - Crimson and corruption. - Empty starting armored home with all the npc dwells. (but only guide npc) - Teleport checkpoints. When you come to the destination teleport, you can activate the teleport allow fast travel from the home place. - Unexplored, all bosses unbeaten, all...

Save the World

Mar 17, 2016 Release
This is a quest map, though it is a little different form the others. You only get one try to beat it, that means no save points. Once you die you will have to reinstall the map to try again, But other than that, there is nothing more for me to say, but, enjoy.
Monster Land

Monster Land

Mar 16, 2016 Inactive
This map is ideal for the beginning terrarian, it has some key items, but it doesn't take away that you still have to explore and gather ingredients, loot and building materials. This is just an easier way to begin your adventure. This is a map for beginners. It includes 6 houses, a crafting room and a beginners kit. The crafting room contains an anvil, workbench with pink vase and a furnace. The guide and the Arms dealer allready moved in. I did not explore the map further than the house, So...

Marcus Speedrun

Mar 06, 2016 Inactive
This is a speedrun world of mine it took me 3 hours to kill the moon lord(i did cheat on the chlorophyte mining cuz im lazy)but its cool & i wanted to share it with others.The world is in expert hardmode.There are 3 buildings 1.The Starter House:Its at spawn where i put the items neccesary to get to the house which is on the left side of the world 2.The House:Its a house with a few npc-s,a bunch of chests and a hellevator,its located in the jungle,above it is the sky fortress 3.The Sky...

Op player

Mar 03, 2016 Release
This is a player with a world with many strong weapons/items.