death or glory

Death or Glory

Feb 08, 2016 Planning
A hardcore expert map which has been excavated for easy travel. Contains a floating house, fishing biomes, underground base and various teleports. On entering the underground base there is plenty of storage. Store items and go through bottom right teleport for portal puzzles, parkour trials, switch puzzles and a maze. You will probably die frequently (particularly in the gold room and the ice room) Enjoy my map :)
Starting Base

Isle of Voices

Feb 07, 2016 Release
Isle of Voices was inspired by various Minecraft maps that literally took the ground out from under you. I've always enjoyed the "skyblock" genre, and have made my best efforts to adapt it to Terraria. I wanted this map to appeal to the builder, the adventurer, and the explorer, and for that reason, have made Isle of Voices much less barren than a traditional sky-themed map. On the contrary, this map is filled with strange places, unusual arenas, devious traps, and other secrets. This map was...


Feb 06, 2016 Planning
World size: small, World name: Fairy tail by Natsu: Takes 1/4 of world, Adventure map, Go around the world doing quests and finding chest through about the place. Rules are written in the world on sign at spawn.
Fairy tail

Fairy tail

Jan 31, 2016 Planning
Difficult : Normal mode : No npc house : 10 Map Size : Medium World Name : fairy tail Includes : chests in most rooms which can be entered by teleport with the first teleport starting next to spawn: this is my steam profile add me

Purple Palace

Jan 27, 2016 Planning
A random thing i made, its got almost every crafting station.

Super Mario Bros 2

Jan 24, 2016 Release
Journey through the dream world of Subcon, becoming more powerful as you go on, and defeat the evil ruler named Wart! Play as one of four characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess. Character selection is available at the start of each level.

MTEN Terraria 1.3 LP Map

Jan 23, 2016 Planning
This is the map I made throughout my Terraria 1.3 Let's Play (which you can find here) Here is my channel: The map contains most items, several farms, arenas and buildings. The items which I had on my player are stored at the very right chests in the main dynasty chest room.
Teleport Hub


Jan 15, 2016 Release
A normal medium world, with corruption that has several bases made of various materials with teleports linking through a central teleport hub located at spawn. Below is a list of all bases, their biomes, and suggested npc housing Guide - Wood (Starting Zone) Merchant - Grey Brick (West Base) Nurse - Grey Brick (West Base) Demolitionist - Grey Brick (West Base) Arms Dealer - Grey Brick (West Base) Dye Trader - Stone Slab (East Base) Stylist - Stone Slab (East Base) Painter - Stone Slab (East...
Dream's Castle

Dream's Castle

Jan 14, 2016 Release
Difficult : Expert Mode : Pre-Hard Npc Houses : 5 Map Size : Large World Name : Avalon Castle made of grey bricks and red bricks mostly, with some ladders made of boreal wood platforms just requires furniture. feel free to comment or suggest anything. Thank you
Fallen Sword

Fallen Sword

Jan 13, 2016 Release
Difficult : Expert Mode : Pre-Hard Npc Houses : 15 Map Size : Medium World Name : Narnia Includes : Boreal chest underground for your loot and ladder to the very top made of platform painted of white. also trap pits on both sides to farm or block some enemies from attacking you, switches to turn on and off ate inside the towers. also bridges that hides and unhides for walk through it levers on both sides. feel free to comment or suggest any changes. Thank you
The Real Tree House

The Real Tree House

Jan 13, 2016 Release
Difficult : Expert Mode : Pre-Hard Npc Houses : 19 Map Size : Medium World Name : Oz Full made of living wood includes furniture. Thank you
Starting Screen

Portal Duo Map

Jan 10, 2016 Planning
A portal themed map to be done with a partner.


Jan 09, 2016 Release
Version 1.4 ( Big map with all features that new players would like: - Crimson and corruption. - Empty starting armored home with all the npc dwells. (but only guide npc) - Teleport checkpoints. When you come to the destination teleport, you can activate the teleport allow fast travel from the home place. - Unexplored, all bosses unbeaten, all chest untouched. - Lots of beautiful homes around the map. - Secret places, keep an eye on...


Jan 04, 2016 Beta
This is just a small place as a home base for adventures. It contains the main base with farms of all plant resources. Map contains also farms for keys and experimental bite farms and also a lot of other stuff I don't even remember. It is work in progress as my game expands, sort of a Homebase of my adventures and it is expanding accordingly. Presently the map supports latest game version: (but no new mini biomes becouse this world was generated way back in 1.2 long time ago) but I...

Zero Running Animation

Dec 31, 2015 Release
Pixel art of Zero from Megaman X3 strung together with teleporters. Requires a quick visit to the Mechanical Room after each use of the main teleporting system. Press F11 to clear your display for a better view.

Super Mario Bros 1

Dec 25, 2015 Release
You play as Mario trying to rescue the Princess. You have to jump and survive through look-alikes of the classic levels. As you stroll through the world you will find loot to make Mario increasingly powerful.
Feather Rain

Feather Rain

Dec 25, 2015 Release
Feather Rain [CTM Hardcore Terraria Map] Dodge the lethal feathers of the sky, through the harpies, take the ores and complete the monument. Please, READ THE RULES: This map was created by CyanDestructor (Me :D) and tested by mcnoturbo98 (My lab rat) If you find a bug, please tell me through my Twitter @CyanDestructor Watch the video: CLICK HERE It is recommended to make several copies of the map.

Super Mario Bros 2 ART

Dec 17, 2015 Release
A long hall that displays pixel art for Super Mario Bros 2. The hall wraps around using two teleporters.

Christmas Adventure!

Dec 03, 2015 Inactive
With Christmas around the corner, here is a map that you can play with a challenge, using only ice themed weapons. The rules are simple: Use only winter themed weapons Set a clock for up to 3 hours, then after it is over, you must fight the frost legion, then if you can, the frost moon. Alternive rules Grab the items from the chest and use them to fight the frost legion, you only have thirty minutes to prepare here

Wonderfull Blaster (Incomplete)

Nov 25, 2015 Inactive
Hi , my name is Renan ... and I'm an amateur in the creation of maps yet, but lately I've been working on this map ... it must have 15-18 hours of play for now , and I'm working on finishing the build and start the auto-farms, will not take long to finish and I intend to put all the items separated by category too ... hope you like it. <3 (Version: Sorry for my really bad inglish. :/ WARNING: THIS MAP IS IN EXPERT BADASS MODE!! Inpired on: - Terraria 1.2.3 All Items Map with NPCs. -...