Escape the Dungeon Chapter 1

Jan 31, 2015 Beta
In this map you find out that your fishing trip is ruined all because of some stupid meteor. So you try to find another way out by battling your way through your dungeon home can you make it out alive?

A war of Terraraia: The Mushroom Kingdom and Hyrule

Jan 30, 2015 Planning
The time has come for two heroes to fight! Which kingdom will rise victorious? Choose a side, and win the war!

Hollowed World

Jan 30, 2015 Planning
This world is all hollow play how you would normally and soon there will be a chest with molten gear Rules: No rules just play normally and have fun!
snow hut


Jan 27, 2015 Planning

World 8

Jan 17, 2015 Planning
The map is a brand new map that my buddies and I created to build sprites. We have been working on it for about a week and have gotten quiet a lot of work done.

Ninja Parkour

Jan 12, 2015 Planning
Welcome to Ninja Parkour a parkour map made by me for V. Download it :) Rules: 1-Do not place blocks 2-Do not destroy blocks 3-Do not use cheats 4-Create a new character

Carter's Map

Jan 11, 2015 Planning
My map is a map made by myself, CarterT27. This map has not been tested. I hope you enjoy my world.


Jan 11, 2015 Release
This is a combinate trap + mechanics + parkour:) GL and HF
Terra Z

Terra Z

Jan 10, 2015 Planning
You're (insert name here) a person like any other which is now a zombie apocalypse. A secret organization created a strange virus that could revive the dead. Before long the virus mutated, causing not only to become zombies, but in different and rare creatures. As living gelatinous slime, flying eyes ... By day the zombies scarce to the point of seeming nonexistent. Perhaps the virus has returned to mutate making the zombies will fear the sunlight. But do not trust, at night the zombies come...
Teh Tree

Legend of Link Ocarina of Time

Jan 07, 2015 Release
I made this map originally for friends but it turned out good to im here to share it with everyone else. There are 3 dungeons that up to 4 players can play, in each dungeon there are parkours and puzzles with a boss at the end. There is a fast travel systems when you die and plenty of treasure chests with enough loot for everyone. This map will bring back memories from when you played the game originally. This is my first map and probably only map unless if I get a lot of positive feedback....
Insane Dungeon by CyanDestructor

Insane Dungeon

Jan 04, 2015 Release
INSANE DUNGEON [CTM HARDCORE TERRARIA MAP] Explore the inside of a dungeon full of enemies in search of the two ores and complete the monument. READ THE RULES. It is recommended to make several copies of the map.

A custom coaster

Jan 02, 2015 Release
This roller coaster is fun and fine to ride but you have to figure out when to go up or down! Have fun!
Terraria Ocean Town house 1.1 by Mackx preview

Terraria Ocean Town house

Dec 31, 2014 Planning
Introducing the Terraria Ocean Town house a new Town live in ocean,with lots of living quarters for NPC'S (All Npc's are included except for Santa claus).There are Available Ores and Chest in Underground.The map has Rooms,Underwater house,PvP,Boss arena,and More!!...Anyway your spawning area is in West Ocean and in East Ocean there are PVp and arena.And I also build a Ship,which the pirate Npc will live.HOPE YOU LIKE IT.!!

Terrible Field

Dec 29, 2014 Release
I made my 2nd call Terrible Field. It is adventure map to max 3 players. Map rules are on map, so i decided don't write it again. Map has a lot of "puzzles" + some parkour + boss arenas. All traps/parkour was tested. Gl & HF

Fastertrain8 City (Freeplay)

Dec 21, 2014 Planning
One day you wake up from your best day... and... you appear to be in a small cabin out in the middle of nowhere. You look on your GPS, it says your on a planetthat's been there a whilebut it doesn't seem very familar. Then you find an invisible mailboxsomeone left a letter! Then you know why your there, and you have to rebuild the city and defend it (and yourself as well).
Survival Island 1.2.4

Survival Island 1.2.4

Dec 20, 2014 Alpha
An island where you start off against the goblin army and blood moon and eclipse. once you have lost or won you will find the Pirate Map where you will have to summon the Pirate Army.Then you can live and prosper on the island with ores and a huge to expand upon.
Treehouse 1.1 preview

Treerarria Town house 1.1 update

Dec 19, 2014 Release
Now the TREEHOUSE TOWN 1.1 HAS RELEASED!!..And lots OF NEW UPDATES!!!! about: .with many rooms and houses.loaded with all NPC'S..not just has Boss arena/PVP,Teleporters,Farming,and Secret storage Room with Free items.Including fishing arena and SPA!!...lots of cool ideas.And now the update has Released,there are some changes of the map..Really COOL Ideas. well i hope you like my Update.So lets go to TOWN!! Hope you enjoy my map.the map is for LIVING ROOMS AND QUARTERS..COMPITABLE WITH...
Official Release (Freddy) v1.0 Poster

RMS Titanic v1.2.4.1

Dec 19, 2014 Mature
Welcome to the RMS Titanic in Terraria! You live in a brick house, with a village called Peddlerville nearby. You decide to go right. After an hour, you arrive to...The Titanic! The Titanic recreation offers a Grand Staircase, Cabins with beds, All Music Boxes, Almost all Crafting Stations, A Swimming Pool with Honey, Boiler Rooms... Heck, there's even an ICEBERG on the back! Anywhere else to go? Go left. ----------------- This was created to experience the Titanic, and visit other Terraria...

BeachLOL: Terraria Beach Ball League

Dec 17, 2014 Release
Welcome to BeachLOL: Terraria Beach Ball League. You and teammates and another team are after...a beach ball. Sounds lame? What if I told you that you can throw grenades at the other team? That's sounds more fun. Now, it's like soccer, with a twist! You battle people for the ball, go over obstacles, and...put the ball in a very small goal space. Team Colors and Suit: Team Purity: Green Flame Dye on Shadow Armor Team Corruption: Normal Shadow Armor
The Homesphere

World of Kuiz

Dec 12, 2014 Release
The map focuses around living in a floating glass fortress and venturing forth to discover the wonders Kuiz hides, including a breathing dragon and the Lord of all rollercoasters. I doubt you've played one just like it yet! Current Features: A lot of the items stored in a relatively accessible fashion. Its designed more as a base for exploring and crafting. Map images are in the images tab along the top. All NPC's, each having different room content. All are in the fortress or accessible via...