Jul 25, 2016 Release
Castle Defense- Terraria Castle, secrets in dungeon (switchable walls etc...) tons of storage, Worm garden, Pumpkin garden, doors, indoor fishing, def cannons, etc... new world.................the castle has been moved to a new world

Tofik world 1.23 with Tofik hero v 1.4 (no cheat)

Jul 25, 2016 Beta
My world with hero , with arena , my profile on steam tetkris

Terrarian's We Are 1.0

Jul 25, 2016 Planning
A multiplayer expert mode map with more to come and considered as the base for the new group Terrarian's We Are. With a starting place and home for all the npc's the world outside has been completely untouched except for the sky islands, which have been converted to bases for all 5 color teams. There are future plans to add arenas and rules to make multiplayer fun and challenging for everybody who decides to join the server.
SH2 Adv Map Banner

Silent Hill 2 Adventure Map

Jul 25, 2016 Release
Play as James Sunderland in this custom Terraria map, who's on quest to find his wife in Silent Hill. Features - Single Player Adventure which mostly uses Guns as primary weapon. - Large, dark labyrinths and dungeons. - It's dark everywhere, only your torch to light you up - Adventure that's inspired on Silent Hill 2's story and setting. - 4 Difficulty Mode. - 4 Endings. - Adventure that last about 2 hours Rules - New Character Only. Dump your starting items. - Keep your Copper Short-sword at...
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Super Hard Challanger Map

Jul 24, 2016 Release
This is my first map and its very basic. All you need to do is create a new character and start playing. You keep your starting items and get some bonus ones as soon as you start. The map is expert mode as well as hardmode and you have beginner items so to make things fair I've added a clockwork assault rifle with ammo and a pwnhammer. Skeletron has also been defeated so you can go find the mechanic sooner and you can have access to defensive systems and statue farms. You might want a friends...

Starter Base

Jul 23, 2016 Planning


Jul 23, 2016 Release
This map will teach players the fundamentals of wiring and how to get wire, map making inspirations/tips. It is very good for players who cant ask questions for themselves because they don't know how to or not interested, I recommend downloading and trying this map as it teaches you how to use wires and all that! Have fun Terrarians

Builder's Workshop

Jul 21, 2016 Release
Now updated for 1.3.2! Map Contents: All placeable items currently in-game All NPCs At least four copies of most armor, tools, weapons, and accessories A limited stock (mostly one stack each) of most crafting materials Lots and lots of empty flat space. The only thing on this world besides the buildings you spawn in is flat ground. It starts slightly above the underground and continues clear down into what would be hell. If you load this on a map viewer it is the most boring world in...

HardMode Bunker

Jul 19, 2016 Planning
A bunker for hardmode in already have the Merchant and the Guide,and a farm for looting zombies,slimes and corrupted ground enemies


Jul 18, 2016 Beta
This is a story driven adventure map. You, the player have a cursed induced amnesia. You first wake up next to a well and must rediscover parts of your life and get your curse Lifted. This is my first adventure map and is not finished. I have flesh out the current content and debugged (hopefully) all the problems. I have released this first part of this adventure map for feedback on building adventure maps. The current content ends at the dungeon after you speak with the dryad. The rules are...
Storage Cellar

Storage Cellar

Jul 14, 2016 Release
Unused 1.3 Large World with many items in a small underground space. Storage area with many items in alphabetical order. Nearby workshop and living quarters. All you need to get started is you. Most Crafting items and tools in stacks. Weapons, armor, even. Updating to Normal, Hard, and Expert files. Cosmetic changes, added Merchant area. New Item (storage) labeling to make it easier to find things.
Rocket Storage

Rocket Storage

Jul 13, 2016 Release
Rocket Storage Space Themed storage and crafting area, many items are included ExhaustBearing


Jul 13, 2016 Planning
SQUARE ==Great starting Map as the world is untouched and merchants are available as soon as you log in.Normal, Hard mode, and Expert maps included. Merchants, Workshop, A few Top End Armor Pieces and Weapons. Merchants, Crafting area and supplies included (Use what you need or want to). 3.1 World. A Square merchant area and a Square Workshop. Both Underground. Small fishing hole near the base to build a dock maybe?
Cleared world

Cleared world

Jul 12, 2016 Beta
Hi there !, i made this map to help out map creators. If they need a cleared world, to make another and new map. Feel free to download it and / or make a new map with it. But if you are going to, then credit me both on curse's site and some where [ i don't care where ] in the map. Thank you for your understanding Have a good day -tosac Steam link - > Please show me some love on steam, since it took me about 42 hours to make. Cheers <3


Jul 11, 2016 Release
This map features a terrain consisting of every ore in the game, as opposed to normal biomes. It also includes some crafting tools, and more trees than you'll ever need.

The Great Temple

Jul 11, 2016 Planning
Parkour map of the desert. You need a mining helmet or a torch to complete it.
Death Arena!

Death Arena!

Jul 11, 2016 Beta
Death Arena Death Arena it is PvP map with 20 different arenas to play in and 88 different classes to play with! It is best to play 2v2 or 3v3 with your friends! Rules Do not break any blocks You and your friends must have same type of gear (Pre-Hardmode or Hardmode) Some maps have their specific item which are in Glass chest. Everyone can use items from chest but they can take only 1 item. All players must have 400 HP and 200 Mana before starting arena You can't change accessories mid...

Redemption Treehouse

Jul 09, 2016 Release
1.3== Redemption == Treehouse living quarters, Fishing hole with tunnel to tree trunk entrance, Teleport to Merchants and storage (two stacks of most items ingame) I left out music boxes and the not supposed to be in game gear. Three, undeground hundred foot + farms with plenty of dirt, pots, platforms, and seeds for you to setup. Undreground Obsidium generator and Honey crisp maker. Storage is alphabetical, not by item type. New world, no bosses have been killed. You'll need wings to access...


Jul 09, 2016 Release
Normal, Hard Mode, and Expert files included === See all merchants from one spot, "Star Trek" (automatic) doors, Obsidian Generator made out of Lizard Blocks, Honey Crisp Generator, Large Fishing hole, 8 half round enclosed bioms, farm areas , and most crafting stations. All above Ground on an untouched world, only the eye has been killed. Some items included, armors, summoning items, bars of all ores, etc. Good starting world, or for someone that "likes the look". A few top weapons and...

Sausagepoos Journey

Jul 05, 2016 Planning
Sausage poos Journey is a Parkour, Boss Battling, Puzzle and Adventure map where you battle three bosses, do lots of parkour and solve even more puzzles.