NameUpdatedCategoryAuthorStage - All Corruption and Hallow Contained

Oct 03, 2015 Planning
The hallow and the corruption of this map have been contained with very large tunnels. These tunnels are about 20 blocks wide. The map is in hardmode and nothing has been built on it yet. I wasn't able to find someone that did this already, so i decided to bring out the old drill containment unit and make a map that i wanted a long time ago but i had to create my self.

Super Mario Bros Lost Levels

Sep 30, 2015 Release
You play as Mario trying to rescue the Princess again. You have to jump and survive through look-alikes of the classic levels. As you stroll through the world you will find loot to make Mario increasingly powerful. This map separates the Marios from the Super Marios.

Fishing Village

Sep 28, 2015 Release
Run the game in the background. Every 24 minutes (of real-life time), tab into the game and do the following: 1. Talk to the fishing NPC (Johnny) and find out what fish he wants. 2. Go to the chest labeled with the current fish and check its content. 3. If there's fish in the chest, take one and turn it in to Johnny. 4. If there is no fish in the chest, right-click the accelerator marker on the railroad right below the chest. The railroad will take you to the place where you can fish up what...

The Portal Testing Facility

Sep 27, 2015 Planning
In this map, you, the test subject, are going through a series of tests with portal gun. Will you ever escape? Do you want to escape?
Spawning Room 1.3

Bomberman - Terraria

Sep 26, 2015 Release
This is a one-person project by SchrobZen ( I love Bomberman and I love Terraria... so I had to create this :D It's a multyplayer-terraria-map for 2-48 players to have fun with (2-4 players in one match, but 12 matches simultaneously possible). You can download it, play it, share it. If you have any bugs, missfunktions, suggestions or any type of feedback please let me know....
A Link to Terraria

The Legend of Zelda - A Link to Terraria

Sep 13, 2015 Release
===== PLAY AS LINK AND ADVENTURE THROUGH NINE DUNGEONS ===== Here it is folks! The long awaited update to my Zelda adventure map! More than just an update, it's no longer inspired by Zelda, it IS a stand alone Zelda adventure map! Play as Link and fight your way through nine dungeons. Bring peace back to the land of Hyrule and save the princess Zelda! Rules Throw away your starting items. You can only buy ammo, potions and throwable items like shurikens from the vendors. Player 1 should...
The Start of Gun Survival

Gun Survival

Sep 12, 2015 Planning
This is just a basic test of Speed, Agility, and Wits. You are put through various chambers with monsters and traps to test your abilities. This map is recommended (and only supported) to be played with 2 players, although it can be played with 1 player. It will be a lot harder with one player. Installation: Click the download button, and put the .wld file in your Terraria Worlds Folder. Have fun!
T'pol lava edition

T'pol --- (large/expert/unexplored map with starter home).

Sep 11, 2015 Beta
The idea is to jump into the game with a NEW character, and begin adventuring without worry of not having a home. The top left side has a small starter chest(not much inside), and an empty room for whatever you need. I did not place doors on all the rooms, left that for you to do. If there is a room you do not like the style/decoration of, you can easily dismantle it without touching the main structure. The open area between npc quarters and your personal rooms can be used as crafting area or...

Super Mario Bros 1

Sep 10, 2015 Release
You play as Mario trying to rescue the Princess. You have to jump and survive through look-alikes of the classic levels. As you stroll through the world you will find loot to make Mario increasingly powerful.

Super Mario Bros 2 ART

Sep 10, 2015 Release
A long hall that displays pixel art for Super Mario Bros 2. The hall wraps around using two teleporters.

Super Mario Bros 2

Sep 10, 2015 Release
Journey through the dream world of Subcon, becoming more powerful as you go on, and defeat the evil ruler named Wart! Play as one of four characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess. Character selection is available at the start of each level.

Super Mario Bros 1 ART

Sep 07, 2015 Release
A long hall that displays pixel art for Super Mario Bros 1. The hall wraps around using two teleporters.

Explore and Fish

Sep 07, 2015 Planning
not finished yet working on it. **SPOILERSSPOILERS ---->>>** //in the left ocean I have a cute little cafe thing with Dynasty Furniture and I got the idea from Happy Days when he was doing an underwater build. the spawnpoint is near a above ground forest fishing pond and if you have decent wings or flying equipment (jetpack or better) theres a 30room npc home which I'm working on getting all the npcs I have teleporters in that home going to both oceans, the underworld and my skylake home. I...

Terraria's Evil Lord (Adventure) (Alpha 0.3)(Updated 8/31/2015)

Aug 31, 2015 Alpha
This map is in alpha* You woke up on a fisherman's' house, in pain and agony, more pain then you have ever been. You have no gear, you must find out the secrets that everyone knows about you to find out what happened, and why it happened. Collect your Legendary gear... Then turn the tables of the fight. A MAP BY SPIKEGAMES*
Petri Screenshot

Wall of Flesh Petri Dish

Aug 29, 2015 Planning
This map started out as a speedrun tool for myself and a friend. We were trying to figure out how to speedrun Wall of Flesh, and realized that we weren't entirely sure what weapons and armors were best against him. Rather than doing run after run, we decided to make a world with nearly all the possible pre-hardmode armors, accessories, items, and tools a person might want for fighting the Wall of Flesh. The world has a lot of conveniences, but the bridge is intentionally rugged, to simulate...
Super Smash Bros in Terraria

Super Smash Bros

Aug 21, 2015 Release
Super Smash Bros, in Terraria! This is just my first project. The entire map is handmade. I is based around Nintendo's Super Smash Bros series. I have included many characters and stages for you to play with up to 4 friends! The map is updated for the 1.3 version of the game, so you must be updated to play it. This map took me way longer than expected to finish due to simply my laziness. I hope that you download my map and enjoy it!

Terraria HappyDays Ultimate World of AFK Traps

Aug 21, 2015 Release
HappyDays Ultimate AFK Farm World Hi Crew, HappyDays here! A lot of you have been asking for a world download containing a lot of the AFK Farms featured on our YouTube channel: Each AFK Farm features a signpost explaining how to get it started. If the trap requires items, you will find a chest next to it stocked and ready to go! The teleporter room near spawn point will take you all around the world, just read the signpost near each teleporter to...

coin clicker

Aug 21, 2015 Planning
basically you kill monsters get gold get better weapons and kill more monsters have fun
World Map

Enhanced Survival

Aug 20, 2015 Release
A map made by Tehuniverse (me). This map contains many features such as: A large size unexplored map! Extravagantly more randomly generated ores! More loot! Several new Mini-Biomes! Hellstone and Obsidian in the lava layer! Corruption and Crimson! More Floating Islands! Hardmode Ore Boost! Both Tiers of ores! A Huge 3 Color Dungeon! Installation: Click the download button on the web page Copy the map (.wld file) of your choice (Normal or Expert) from the folder you just downloaded Go to My...

upside down

Aug 20, 2015 Release
There are upside down worlds you have to travel to in order to get the items there to beat the wall of flesh!