• Adventures

    221 maps Maps with adventures and quests
  • Art

    95 maps Maps that contain artistic designs or images
  • Dungeons

    120 maps Maps containing custom made dungeons to explore
  • Fortresses & Living Quarters

    148 maps Maps with interesting castles, homes, or other structures
  • Gardening & Farms

    54 maps Maps containing organized planting facilities for mushrooms and other vegetation
  • Items & Storage

    105 maps Maps containing storage systems with or without items
  • Multiplayer

    165 maps Maps that can be played with more than one person
  • Parkour

    111 maps Maps with platforming, jumping, grappling and other obstacles
  • Puzzles

    105 maps Maps that contain puzzles or brain teasers
  • PvP

    59 maps Player vs Player maps.
  • Survival

    153 maps Maps with a controlled environment for the player to endure and thrive in, or die in
  • Templates

    39 maps Blank, themed maps to build your own upon, such as flat land or empty buildings/dungeons